Nomination for Postdoc Councillor of Canadian Society of Zoologists

Below is my biography for running for position of Postdoctoral Councillor at the Canadian Society of Zoologists.

Georgina K. Cox

Georgina Cox received her PhD in Zoology at the University of British Columbia under Dr. Anthony Farrell on the functional significance of the coronary artery in elasmobranchs. Georgina is mainly interested in how marine organisms in heterogeneous environments cope with abiotic stressors. Currently, as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Pennsylvania in the lab of Dr. Jeffrey Field she is assessing how individual genetic changes alter cardiovascular performance.

Georgina is running for the position of Postdoctoral Councillor.

The Canadian Society of Zoologists, as the leading society for advancement of zoological research, is essential for fostering the development of young scientists and enthusiasm towards research in our field. As such, postdoctoral representation on the Council and CSZ meetings and events is essential for the advancement of both the field of zoology and for postdocs themselves.

Postdocs bring energy, innovation, and new talent to zoological research and deserve the opportunity to present that research to our peers. And, as important as collaboration, postdocs seeking full-time research employment need merit-based access to CSZ meetings and events.

Creating a space for postdoctoral research means acknowledging their unique balance of need for peer support and realities of career competition. Georgina has a history of organizing collegial events that foster the best in presenting scientific research. Previously, she served on the executive of the Zoology Graduate Student Association at the University of British Columbia. While president of the Association, she focused on organizing high calibre academic symposiums and social events for graduate students. As the postdoctoral councillor of the CSZ, she will work to increase the visibility of postdocs within the society, advocate for postdoc awards within CSZ, and work to develop programs that help to transition postdocs into career positions.

Georgina K. Cox
Georgina K. Cox
Scholarly Assistant Professor

My research interests broadly center on cardiovascular responses to physiological and abiotic stress. I use a comparative approach to look for commonalities in how cardiovascular systems in animals that inhabit heterogeneous environments overcome physiological and abiotic stress.